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Data Analytics and Applied AI

Cloud Services

Businesses today are moving infrastructure to the cloud at an increasing rate. Along with that migration, most startups find that starting their business in the cloud from the onset is a fast and financially wise decision. At AuTech, we specialize in solutions architecture and migration to major cloud service providers.

Our team is composed of experienced architects that specialize in modern cloud-native design, infrastructure migration, and data warehousing solutions.

Data Analytics and Applied AI

Data Analytics & Applied AI

Emerging technologies give companies the ability to understand their customers more holistically. At AuTech, we believe that it is vital for companies to leverage the power of data to generate actionable insights.

Our team has deep expertise in Data Architecture, Data Management, Strategy, Business Intelligence, and Data Visualization to help you build solutions that provide a sustainable competitive advantage.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

We believe blockchain is a major disruptor in how businesses operate. The technology is already in use in a variety of businesses, including finance, healthcare and supply chain. At AuTech, we can help your business seamless transition into the world of blockchain technology.

Our team is composed of professionals in Blockchain for Digital Identity, Blockchain Security, Proof of Concept and Implementation.

About Us

In a world where technology is quickly weaving its way through the fabric of every industry’s strategy to success, businesses need to focus on technology optimization and adoption at a lightning pace to stay competitive and to sustain growth.

We are a group of creative, motivated and forward thinking professionals with over 30+ years of combined experience in building and consulting on the latest technology solutions for your enterprise.

We take a data-driven yet human-centric approach to help you define and design your organization’s technology strategy!


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We are a multi-skilled group of innovation experts focused on empowering businesses with innovative solutions and state-of-the-art digital strategies to help your business, grow and succeed.